Welcome On Board To TextAttendant™!

STEP #5:
Download the TextAttendant™ mobile apps  so you can take your messages on-the-go. Do not log into your mobile app until you have completed Step #1. Click here to down the mobile app.

STEP #4:
Send out your first text message. WATCH TUTORIAL VIDEO

STEP #3:
Upload your contacts. You can upload a single contact at a time OR upload a batch of contacts. Make sure to create tags (Step #2) first or create a tag right before you upload your contacts so you can tag each contact or list. WATCH TUTORIAL VIDEO

STEP #2:
Create a handful of Tags to get started so you can have it ready before you upload your contacts. Tags are designed to help you organize and label your contacts. WATCH TUTORIAL VIDEO

STEP #1:
Log into your TextAttendant™ the FIRST TIME from your DESKTOP/LAPTOP and update your temporary password and time zone. WATCH TUTORIAL VIDEO

Watch Intro Video Below

Here are the FIRST 5 Steps to help you get started on the right track:

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