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To log into TextAttendant™ from your DESKTOP, LAPTOP or can go to the main website and click on the 'Client Login' blue button on the top right hand corner.

To log into TextAttendant™ from your mobile phone, you will need to download our mobile app.

Text credits are used in 2 scenarios:

1) When some text your tag/keyword. For example, you post on social media and ask people to text your tag/keyword, it will use one credit per text in.

2) Text credits are also used when you send a Group Text (Text Alerts). For example if you send a Text Alert to 50 contacts, then it will use 50 credits.

Absolutely not! Your unused text credits ROLL OVER to the next billing period as long as your account remains in active status.

Minor updates are included with your vCard. For example, if you want update your picture or change some of the content on your vCard.

You can simply email your update request directly to our team at the following email address -